About Us

Constantly inspired by nature, art, fashion, and the world around her, Karen Taddei, owner/designer of Lilacs, enjoys a following that is enamored with her classic style, her eye for the unique and her whimsical nature. Traits that add what Karen calls “a left of center detail” to everything she creates.
Karen’s passion and talent for weddings became apparent early on, she set up a floral design studio in the charming 1880’s barn on her property along the Marstons Mills River, where she works today. The rustic interior of old painted bricks, white-washed barn boards and antique crystal chandeliers are all a testament to her simple yet elegant design aesthetic.
Early in her floral career, and even still today, she is best known for her designs in cream, white and green with organic details such as a rusty urn or a moss-lined vase. “My goal is to translate the bride’s personal style with flowers. I use the consultation period to discuss her dress, the venue, likes and dislikes, and we look at images that the bride has collected for inspiration. I am very fortunate to be given artistic license by my brides, so I am free to design based on pure emotion.”
Taddei also is inspired by change, which in her business is critical and, in her case, elemental. Her free-spirited nature flows into her designs and translates to a classic romanticism that cannot be learned. It simply comes from within, and you will feel it… the moment you enter Lilacs.